Dirt Linwood – President and CEO of

Dirt grew up in Detroit, MI where he was known as an avid wrestling fan with an affinity for hunting, guns, and shaq-related Hollywood products. After attending high school a couple times he set out on the road as a traveling Mouth Tobacco salesman. It was during this time he met a young dirtbag named Scrap Iron. The two of them toured around with the second generation Lynyrd Skynyrd for several years living in a 71′ Airstream trailer before relocating to rural Georgia to give handfishing tours. Somewhere along the line someone thought it would be a good idea to teach them how to use the internet and after a failed first attempt at a blog about Greg Oden’s Dong, SwayzesGhost was created for your amusement.

Scrap Iron – CFO and director of Mouth Tobacco

Art Klondike – Director of Viral Video and Senior Baseball Analyst

i done a double back flip

Tuesday McGavin – Chief Mental Health Coordinator and Senior Barbecue Specialist

After winning his first national Beer Pong tournament in 1992, it seemed like Tuesday McGavin was destined for greatness. Unfortunately, after putting his entire savings into his online moonshine business, a major electrical fire soon left him out of work. Combined with a taste for the night life and the love of scratch-off lottery tickets, this quickly left Tuesday with some major debt and started the downward spiral that would ultimately have him friendless and in jail by his 22nd birthday.

Upon his release things just weren’t the same for Tuesday. He lost his passion for life and spent most of his days grifting from town to town in a drunken rage-fueled haze, but all was not lost. One hot summer evening two local handfishermen found Tuesday passed out next to the river, and in an incredible show of compassion, gave him a place to stay, and later, a job.

You may have guessed that these two fisherman were in fact creators Dirt Linwood and Scrap iron. A strange friendship ultimately bloomed, and today, with the help of his two friends, Tuesday McGavin has once again found a true  zest for life that can never be replaced, and has vowed to spend the rest of his life helping others find the health and happiness he has recently discovered.

Tuesday McGavin still drinks copious amounts of alcohol, but only when he’s with his good friends, and never before noon.


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