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WELL IT LOOKS LIKE I’M DONE HERE. I’M FINISHED. I QUIT. I was over at Scrap Iron’s earlier, and he told me that Dirt was putting the blog up for sale. Apparently we’ve got enough viewers now that he can … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday right? Fuck I really messed up. You didn’t really expect me to be coherent enough to write a post during spring break though, did you? I need to stop asking questions that I don’t want you to answer. … Continue reading

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The gangs all here.

Looks like we’re getting the gang back together. I had a hell of an off-season. I’ve been following the Kid Rock “Born Free” tour all over the country. Drinkin’ Jim Beam, spittin’ skoal, and drinking Team Realtree energy drinks. Realtree … Continue reading

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I’m bringing sexy back.

This is an oldie but a classic. Once I’m sober I’ll have some hilarious witty posts on topical and timely shit that you’ll all want to read. Most of it will be dealing with mouth tobacco, Joey Votto, country music, … Continue reading

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What happened to Nascar

Ok, I admit that I wasn’t able to watch NASCAR for a couple seasons while I was in jail, but I just finished watching the Daytona 500 and I’ve got a few words to say. MORE LIKE GAYTONA 500 IF … Continue reading

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