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You need this shit.

As some of my coworkers have pointed out already, Spring is almost here. Actually to be astronomically correct Spring is already here, but this weather can eat my buttcrack. Also I’m not really sure anybody else has said that “Spring … Continue reading

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Sullinger to return, the rest of the Big Ten taking next year off.

According to ESPN, Jared Sullinger will be returning to OSU for his sophomore year. Sully said he came to OSU to win championships, so that’s pretty swell of him.   In other news, the rest of the Big Ten was … Continue reading

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Well I read that stuff I said at the bottom of my last Tuesday on Thursday post and I just thought you should know that I lied to you. I didn’t plan on being a lying liar, but daylight savings … Continue reading

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Witty blog title.

Somebody told me that I should keep calling my blog posts Tuesday on Thursday because it was so witty. Somebody should mind their own goddamned business. I don’t come to where you work and tell you not to put celery … Continue reading

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Highschool girls love dudes that smell like meat

Did you guys see that shit my dude posted about the 88 cent Crunchwrap things? I could eat those things all day long. I order mine with extra meat, but no sour cream. Also no lettuce, or tomatoes. Oh and no cheese. … Continue reading

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Tuesday on Thursday

Tuesday on Thursday, how clever is that? Pretty damn clever if you ask me. Anyway, here I am writing shit on the internet again when I should be out partying. Actually it’s pretty cool to take day off from getting … Continue reading

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