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Anything being printed as news today that is NOT the following news does NOT COUNT AS FUCKING NEWS. And no I’m not going to talk about why I haven’t posted in so long because I’m a man and it’s my … Continue reading

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The Tuesday McGavin Meaty Man Diet

Welcome to the new-and-improved Meaty Man Diet by Dr. Tuesday J.  McGavin. This is a collection of resources that will help you create the meatiest, manliest, most delicious meals you’ve ever had. I created this diet two years ago after … Continue reading

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Breaking News on the future of Tuesday McGavin.

I went to the doctor the other day and it looks like I need to make some lifestyle changes. Basically he told me that I’m not getting enough vitamins and shit out of my all beef and alcohol diet. After … Continue reading

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UM APRIL FOOLS LOL I WAS JUST KIDDING DON’T WORRY GUYS. P.S. Hey Scrap please tell me next time when you’re just kidding around.  

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WELL IT LOOKS LIKE I’M DONE HERE. I’M FINISHED. I QUIT. I was over at Scrap Iron’s earlier, and he told me that Dirt was putting the blog up for sale. Apparently we’ve got enough viewers now that he can … Continue reading

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You need this shit.

As some of my coworkers have pointed out already, Spring is almost here. Actually to be astronomically correct Spring is already here, but this weather can eat my buttcrack. Also I’m not really sure anybody else has said that “Spring … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday right? Fuck I really messed up. You didn’t really expect me to be coherent enough to write a post during spring break though, did you? I need to stop asking questions that I don’t want you to answer. … Continue reading

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