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I like when famous people talk about places I like.


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Swayzesghost needs you!

Every Sunday, Dirt Linwood is supposed to make a new post. The problem is that he’s a huge dirtbag who rarely sees his responsibilities all the way through. So while he’s sleeping off his hangover, I guess I’ll try and … Continue reading

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Sullinger to return, the rest of the Big Ten taking next year off.

According to ESPN, Jared Sullinger will be returning to OSU for his sophomore year. Sully said he came to OSU to win championships, so that’s pretty swell of him.   In other news, the rest of the Big Ten was … Continue reading

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Totally Normal Video.

If you’re on acid, this will blow your mind. If you’re not on acid, this is basically what you’re missing out on.

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Charlie Sheen is a totally normal human.

Listen to this radio interview with Charlie Sheen. I’d actually kill a human to go party with him. Thanks, TMZ!

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The gangs all here.

Looks like we’re getting the gang back together. I had a hell of an off-season. I’ve been following the Kid Rock “Born Free” tour all over the country. Drinkin’ Jim Beam, spittin’ skoal, and drinking Team Realtree energy drinks. Realtree … Continue reading

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