I guess I just don’t understand the college basketball scene anymore

When the silk socks at CBS purchased the rights to the Final Four I’m sure a VCU/Butler match up was exactly what they were hoping for.

What the hell is going on in college basketball right now.  At this point in time there are three teams in the final four. None of them are number 1 seeds. There is one game left- neither of them are number 1 seeds.

Kansas lost to a school that most the people in the country have probably never even heard of. Pitt lost to a team in the second round who until last year, most people didn’t realize were actually decent at basketball. Duke got worked over by a team that used to be coached by a guy named Lute. Ohio State pulled out of the tournament to volunteer their time to the relief efforts in Japan, so I guess there really isn’t any shame in that one.

No, really. My name is Lute.

Lute's the name.

This is just getting silly. I’m all about some March Madness and cinderella stories, but I have a hard time believing that VCU is actually one of the four best teams in the country. I also have a hard time believing that Butler is, either. But apparently if you have a coach who looks like he’s actually a freshman on your team, you just get a little extra alley in your oop come tournament time.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m bitching. I’m just stuck in a weird place where I look at the bracket and how it played out and finding myself in disbelief. I simply don’t get it. Good thing I paid $10 to figure that out. My bracket is just plain awful.

Some of my more notable gaffs-

Prediction – St. Johns will go to the Final Four

Result – St. Johns loses in the first round to 11 seed Gonzaga.

Prediction – Notre Dame will go to the Final Four

Result – Notre Dame loses to Bowdens Boys and ‘Nawls in round 2.

Prediction – The Big East wouldn’t suck

Result – The Big East sucked.

I guess I, like most of the nation, really bought into the Big East hype. I saw that St. Johns really liked to beat high ranked teams, so why not choose them? Then after they lost I realized they basically never win outside of Madison Square Garden. Notre Dame just looked hot going into the tournament. Then I realized that I was betting on a Hanbrough and that just makes me feel dirty. Also I hate Notre Dame so no wonder they fucked me.

There are a couple positives to the situation though. Kansas lost, suck on that ScrapIron. Who is pointing at the scoreboard now? Ha! I also got to listen to Gus Johnson be Gus Johnson. I’m seriously baffled that he isn’t the number one call guy for every sport ever. Ratings would automatically quadruple. And lastly, I found out Sullinger will be coming back. I guess that doesn’t have much to do with the tournament, but it’s still tits.


Maybe these old bones just can’t keep up with the scene anymore. Maybe I never could. Either way, Baseball season starts in less than a week and they’re going to go 162-0.

Let’s go Butler.

-Dirt Linwood





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