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Scrap Iron’s Dinner Theater.

It’s been a long running tradition here on swayzesghost that we spend Sundays in the office watching bad SyFy original movies, because we’re usually too hungover to move or pay attention to a movie that makes us use a single … Continue reading

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I guess I just don’t understand the college basketball scene anymore

When the silk socks at CBS purchased the rights to the Final Four I’m sure a VCU/Butler match up was exactly what they were hoping for. What the hell is going on in college basketball right now.  At this point … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday right? Fuck I really messed up. You didn’t really expect me to be coherent enough to write a post during spring break though, did you? I need to stop asking questions that I don’t want you to answer. … Continue reading

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Sullinger to return, the rest of the Big Ten taking next year off.

According to ESPN, Jared Sullinger will be returning to OSU for his sophomore year. Sully said he came to OSU to win championships, so that’s pretty swell of him.   In other news, the rest of the Big Ten was … Continue reading

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Hey from Gatlinburg.

Sorry for not posting in a while. I’m not good with technology and I kill computers. Hey from Gatlinburg, though. I’m going to go buy some ninja stars and some cheap southern cigarettes. One of these days computers and I … Continue reading

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They’ve Done it Again.

The good people over at Phusion Products have FINALLY rolled out their Spring line and, man, have they out done themselves this time. Let me be the first to introduce to you the much anticipated bottled Four Loko. All the … Continue reading

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Well I read that stuff I said at the bottom of my last Tuesday on Thursday post and I just thought you should know that I lied to you. I didn’t plan on being a lying liar, but daylight savings … Continue reading

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