What the fuck

Swayze’s G Host? What kind of stupid name is.. oh. JUST KIDDING I knew the whole time.

ANYWAY it’s really good to be back and I know it’s good to have me back so let me just go ahead make a little post for you about football.

Football is a really cool sport because it’s the only sport where you get to call a guy a tight end and get away with it.

Here’s a picture of a dude playing football.

THIS IS PEYTON HILLIS. He plays for the Browns. He used to play for the Broncos but they didn’t want him because he’s not black.

The Browns are going to win the Super Bowl next season because of this guy. However we’re definitely not going to win the Super Bowl in two seasons because he’ll more than likely be dead after we give him the ball in every single play  of 2011. Also his facemask looks pretty much exactly like a bulldog’s face.

If you don’t believe that Peyton Hillis could possibly be this manly I’d like to show you exhibit A:

In case you can’t see him in these pictures, I’ll go ahead tell you that he’s wearing a camo jacket at a press conference, and he’s also wearing tobacco inside his lip. Basically he’ll probably bite you and spit dip in your eye.

Well that’s probably enough for now. Please let me know if I forgot anything about Peyton Hillis though I’m pretty sure I mentioned everything important about his life.



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One Response to What the fuck

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Norris asked Petyon Hillis to sign his copy of Madden ’12.

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