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Crunchwrap Supremes are only 88 Cents

I was driving to pick up some fizzy water today and I heard on the radio that Crunchwrap Surpremes are only 88 Cents at Taco Bell right now. There’s a limit of two, but still how awesome is this. I’m … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen is a totally normal human.

Listen to this radio interview with Charlie Sheen. I’d actually kill a human to go party with him. Thanks, TMZ!

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Tuesday on Thursday

Tuesday on Thursday, how clever is that? Pretty damn clever if you ask me. Anyway, here I am writing shit on the internet again when I should be out partying. Actually it’s pretty cool to take day off from getting … Continue reading

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Someone Hates Baron Davis.

And his name is Donald Sterling. You know you’ve probably done something wrong when your owner shows up to games solely for the reason of calling you a fat ass.  Now, Donald isn’t a guy that’s content with just humiliating … Continue reading

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Adam Wainwright Probably Needs Tommy John.

Our collective reaction to the news. Newman, as usual, is the Cardinals fan base. With the news that Adam Wainright probably needs Tommy John surgery, baseball expert and candidate for “Worlds Tiniest Man” Tim Kurkjian essentially just handed the pennant to the Cincinnati Reds.  Swish.   … Continue reading

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The gangs all here.

Looks like we’re getting the gang back together. I had a hell of an off-season. I’ve been following the Kid Rock “Born Free” tour all over the country. Drinkin’ Jim Beam, spittin’ skoal, and drinking Team Realtree energy drinks. Realtree … Continue reading

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I’m bringing sexy back.

This is an oldie but a classic. Once I’m sober I’ll have some hilarious witty posts on topical and timely shit that you’ll all want to read. Most of it will be dealing with mouth tobacco, Joey Votto, country music, … Continue reading

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